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Your child's Imagination, Ignited

Inside your child there's a unique set of talents, something we'll find, nurture and bring to life.

The school
Nature teaches in silence and effective learning needs a peaceful environment. The sprawling green campus of Amrut Indian School away from the commotions of the city life provides this perfect learning environment. The school campus reflects a positive school ethos that make the school an exciting, stimulating and a welcoming place.
Our believes
As a school we believe that education lies beyond the textbook. It is guided discovery where learning comes from self enquiry, research and encouraging the natural curiosity of the young minds. We believe that it is important to ensure the overall development of each of our students through the physical, mental and spiritual development of their senses.
Why Propose CBSE. ?
Propose CBSE. is the initiative of world recognized Propose CBSE. (Central Board of Secondary Education) of India. It is a futuristic curriculum based on skill based learning for the 21st century. Within the short period of induction Propose CBSE. has recognized as an benchmarked curriculum like any other boards.
Education is great!
Are you looking the best School for your child?
Change is the law of life and it is inevitable. It has accelerated in the past decades and the ripple effect is visible every part of life. As a learning institution of 21st centaury we want to make most of this wave into effective guided discovery for our young one to know and establish positive relation with this new world.